What is the One Day Family?

The ONE DAY FAMILY is the group of financial supporters who help us to provide Orphaned Vulnerable Children with Loving, Safe, Family Homes.

You can join the family for €30 per month.

Just €1 per day will change a child’s life.


Where will my money go?

Every cent we receive through the ONE Day Family goes to provide directly for the needs of the children in our family. Providing them with food, clothes, education and a safe and loving home.

Your giving also allows us to rescue more children from terrible circumstances. Children without parents, without homes, without education, and at risk of exploitation and abuse. Your giving will save and transform lives!


Get regular updates from life in Lesotho

You will be able to see and experience the difference your support makes. When you sign up we’ll add you to our regular family newsletter which will keep you up to date with all of the good things that happen day to day because of your generosity. We’ll share all of the stories of how the kids are getting on and growing up. You’ll get to hear from our missionaries, foster parents and from the kids themselves.


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One Day Family

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