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Since Chris and Sheila arrived in Lesotho they have had so many amazing experiences that it’s both hard to keep up with and difficult to know where to start. In such a short time they have immersed themselves within the community off Butha Buthe (The region where Chris and Sheila are located).

Locating a home church, attending celebrations, praying with locals, visiting the elderly, and supporting families are some of the things Chris and Sheila have been getting up to over the last few weeks, while also making great progress in preparations for the establishing of the One Day building project.

Below we have posted a video containing some of the many amazing events that have taken place since Sheila and Chris arrived in Lesotho. We have also provided a brief description of the different topics within the video.


The first outstanding achievement Chris and Sheila accomplished was to provide the village of HaSehleke with a working water pump providing fresh, safe, clean drinking water. Up until the instalment of the pump the villagers were required to hike up and down a mountain each day to get water from the river.


Both Chris and Sheila were invited to a cancer awareness event where Sheila received an award from the Lesotho Minister for Health and shared her own incredible testimony of overcoming the illness. Sheila’s inspiring testimony of faith and courage was also screened on Lesotho TV.


Another amazing experience for Chris and Sheila was being invited to a Mother’s Day celebration in a local village. Moved by the welcome they received both Chris and Sheila were able to enjoy the love poured on them by the villagers while also getting the opportunity to be of service.

And of course, Shelia danced….


Since their arrival in Lesotho Chris and Sheila have reached out into the community and the impact they have had is amazing. Their work has included feeding families, serving the elderly, and providing what ever resources they can to local people.

One such example was where Chris and Sheila came across an elderly lady sleeping on the floor of her hut. Chris managed to get materials to build a wooden bed and purchased a mattress, so the lady could have comfort as she slept.


Amazingly while doing all the above Chris and Sheila also managed to maintain momentum in relation to the main aim of building homes for children. In the last few days ground has been broken and building has begun.

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