Hope for the Orphans is Born

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Yesterday afternoon we drove through breathtaking scenery all the way from Quachas Nek to Maseru stopping about half way at a town called Moyeni where we met with Tshedy, a local town planner who let us know all about her region and what services there were there for orphans.
We stayed in luxury at the Maseru Sun Hotel last night where we met with 5 other town planners this morning for breakfast. The meeting was incredibly informative and we are massively grateful to the ladies who came out to meet us. They had an infectious love for their country and its people and came equipped with stats and information about their various regions that gave us an insight into what needs are out there that we simply couldn’t have achieved otherwise.
Amongst the many highlights of our conversations one of the ladies came out with the statement “I’m glad there’s hope for the orphans” . It resonated with us so much that it’s what we’re going to call this project.

So Hope For the Orphans is born.

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