Singing, Stories, and the Boot Dance: Our Last Day at Pulane

 In 2015 Trip, Pulane Children's Centre

Today was our last day at Pulane Children’s Center (for this trip anyway) and what a day.
We had lunch with Jill (the amazing woman who runs the centre) and a couple of American girls (a girl working with the peace core in a local school and her friend who was visiting her), Chris got work on the “Donkey” finished, and we got the chance to play with the kids for most of the day as they were off school.
We finished the day with their weekly Church service. Have a look at the videos of them singing. It was honestly one of the most beautiful and memorable things I’ve ever heard.

I got the chance to speak a short message to the kids that I’d prepared earlier that day and then play some games with them. Then Jill invited Chris up to speak. He wasn’t expecting it but absolutely nailled it. Check him out below!

To finish off the service some of the older kids performed some songs and then a group of guys performed the “boot dance for us. It was brilliant. All of the kids, especially the younger ones loved it.

I’ll be sad to leave this place but know I’ll be back again. In the morning we say our goodbyes and then hit the road for the 2 day journey back home!


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