Butha Buthe – A new Start

 In Butha Buthe, The Journey

The last time I wrote about our Journey in Lesotho it was as our desire to establish new projects and supports for orphans without any assistance was forming.
You can read about that here but to summarise:

  • There are currently 123,000 Orphaned Vulnerable Children in Lesotho not receiving any help.
  • To date our effort has centred around helping the incredible work going on at the Pulane Children’s Centre. However, it has become apparent to us that the children at Pulane are in a substantially better position than the vast majority of orphans in Lesotho who have no access to the kind of love, support, education and care that Pulane provides.
  • We feel that the bulk of our attention is to shift towards establishing something new for those kids with nothing.

With that in mind Chris and I took a few days out from the team trip to Pulane in May to drive up to a district in the north of Lesotho called Butha Buthe, an area where there are a lot of orphans and a lack of services for them. We had selected Butha Buthe as a potential area to pioneer something new based largely on the meeting we had with the town planners last year. One of them, a lady named Mojabeng, carried a contagious passion for this community and the orphans within. Chris and I both left that meeting with the feeling that it was an area we should explore.

The Ambassador’s office in Dublin graciously arranged a meeting for us with the Butha Buthe District Council Secretary and Chris and I set out to meet him, optimistic but unsure of how things would unfold.
Our meeting with the DCS couldn’t have gone better. As we have come to expect through our experience in Lesotho, he was welcoming, personable and seemed genuinely excited about our desire to start something in his district. So much so that he has commissioned Mojabeng (who happened to be in the next office!!!) to talk to the different sub-councils in the district with the aim of finding us some land and/or buildings that could be of use to us in starting our project.

We are amazed at how this journey is unfolding and praying that God continues to open doors like this for us as we determine to make a difference in the lives of these kids.

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